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Method of translating Japanese into English

English version Windows95,98 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0,4.0,5.0

1.Install Japnese Language Support.

When a Japanese Web page is displayed by IE, it is down-loaded and installed automatically. It is not necessary when Japanese has already been displayed.

2.Install the translation software.

I take up TlansLinGO! (Fujitsu) as an example. Please look at the following pictures about the translation result.


The experience version of TlansLinGO! which can be used for 30 days can be down-loaded on the following Web page.

Additionally, the demonstration to translate Japanese into English in real time is being given in the following Web page.

Input form of the above demonstration ( Up to 120 characters )

English version Windows and Netscape 6

The function of an automatic translation of Web Page was added to Netscape 6. It can translate a Japanese Web page into English. And it can also translate English Web page into Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese. If you know URL of Japanese Web page, it is possible to translate into English even if Japanese fonts aren't installed.

1. Click "Translate" in "View" menu.
2. Enter URL of target and select language.
3. Click Gist!


Japanese Web page of target (All words of JtoX PHASE:01 )

Web page after translating in English

Um... Japanese of colloquialism seems not to be translated well.

Japanese version Windows 95,98

I am using Atlas Ver.5 (Fujitsu) and TransLand JE Ver.3 ( Brother Industries ). It is possible to correspond also to a difficult word because there is technical dictionaries. Additionally, there are The Honyaku ( Toshiba ) and LogoVista X INTERNET ( LogoVista Corporation ), etc. Each address is shown below.

Atlas Ver.6 (Fujitsu)
TransLand JE Ver.3.0 ( Brother Industries )
The Honyaku ( Toshiba )
LogoVista X INTERNET ( LogoVista Corporation )

Method of in real time changing Japanese voice into characters of English

To convert Japanese voices input from external input terminal to sound card into the English text directly, I am attempting to cooperate with ViaVoice ( IBM ) via the clipboard to TransLand JE. However, the recognition of the voice with the effect sound and BGM does not succeed by ViaVoice. Moreover, it has not succeeded in the translation because making person's voices other than me recognized not succeeds yet.

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