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Aug 19, 2001
The new series novel on Saber Marionette will start in around January, 2002. As for the details, see the novel section.
Two pics were added to the picture gallery.

Mar 25, 2001
SMZ/Manga section was added. Two pics were added to the picture gallery. And GUESTBOOK was renewed.

Jan 14, 2001
A happy new year!
Thank you for visiting this site. DVD of all series of Saber will be released this year. Let's enjoy it.

Three pics were added.

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The earth of the 22nd century had the problem of an excessive population. The human race executed the plan emigrating to other planet systems as that countermeasure. A lot of spaceships left for space, and one of them was Mesopotamia. However, Mesopotamia encountered an unfortunate accident, and the crew escaped by the shuttle. And, the planet at which the shuttle arrived was Terra 2. The survivors were only six people, and moreover, all were men. They used the cloning to increase the descendant. However, they were not able to create the female. Then, they made the androids with female's appearance instead of human female. These were called " Marionette ". The marionette tuned up for especially combat was called " Saber Marionette ". Among Saber Marionette, Lime, Cherry, Bloodberry, Tiger, Luchs,  Panther and Marine were equipped with Otome-circuit. As a result, they were able to cry and laugh as well as human.
Six survivors established their city nations respectively. They were Japones ( the nation founder - Ieyasu Tokugawa ), Germania / Gartlant ( the nation founder - Gerhart Von Faust ), Xi'an ( the nation  founder - Wang Yongping ), New Texas ( the nation founder - Joy Hughlick ), Romana ( the nation founder - Virey Medici ), and Peterburg ( the nation founder - Alexander Kissin ). And a main scene of Saber Marionette J series is Japones.

About Saber Marionette R 
SMR is a story in Romana after 200 years from SMJ. Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry appear also in SMR. But they are Marionettes made in this age. Therefore, you might have to think that SMR is another story in Saber Marionette.
Japonestic discussion meeting    Author's comment concerning Saber Marionette R

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